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Open 6am-6:30pm M-F. Ages Birth-5. Full Time Only. $125 per week. Farm Setting.

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Every day is an exciting opportunity for young children to experience something new. We see children find awe and wonder in things like seasons changing, perhaps small for adults, but amazing opportunities to expand on questions of young minds. 

Our curriculum changes to meet the needs of your child's changing world and development level. It is thematic, based on real experiences in your child's life, and all topics are introduced through literature and fun, hands-on activities. 

Our program offers wonderful advantages over child care centers in the city. Children peacefully enjoy nature in a small setting where they do not have to struggle or compete for attention. The very low ratio means tons of one-on-one time for love and learning.

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When you're ready, enrollment is easy. click the "Let's Get Started" link above and print out handbook and forms for admission. Bring first weeks tuition and signed handbook & forms when we meet for a tour. For payment options, please see the Enrollment and Tuition page.

Please don't forget to download my free Child Care Checklist and Mini eBook: "More Please" loaded with tons of child-friendly recipes.

We look forward to YOU being a part of our fun, farmy, family! Please browse our site and get to know us!  

Below: A sample of our current activities!

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Aimee's Kid Ranch

Aimee's Kid Ranch

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We offer affordable care and a high quality curriculum. Though Aimee's Kid Ranch places an emphasis on literature, science and art, our lesson plans are well rounded and include the following everyday:

Math & Science
Cooking, Art & Fine Motor Skills
Music & Movement
Social & Emotional Skills

All lessons are taught by a qualified professional and parents receive a copy of our plans one week in advance to make it easy to follow along. We are located in a rural, countryside environment, close to Mansfield and S.Arlington.

Our environment is child friendly and features learning centers and educational posters at eye level. Children can choose from math, science, writing, computers  (we offer ABC Mouse for ages 2.5-5) , art, blocks & manipulatives, dramatic play, music  which we partner with our daily curriculum. 

Here children will be taught morals, empathy and compassion for others as well as develop social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills through active mentoring, observation and assessment.

The Kids Ranch philosophy

Children learn best through hands on experiences. Play is the vehicle of learning. All concepts are introduced through active participation and a combination of teacher directed and child directed activities.
We want those we serve to remember us as an extension of their family and we take pride in knowing that children who come to us will be equipped to face the next steps in their educational career.

Please browse this website for more information about our program, if you have further questions call Aimee @ 214 701-0410 or send a message directly to provider in the comment box below. Thanks for visiting!

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Aimee's Kid Ranch * 5445 N. FM 157 * Venus, TX * US * 76084 * 214 701-0410