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Aimee's Kid Ranch


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What are your hours of operation?
6 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Friday.
What does tuition cost?
$125 per week (full time only)

Do you offer part-time care?
No, not at this time, however a family may drop-off and pick-up anytime within our business hours.
What ages are served?
Birth to pre-kindergarten

Is transportation available
No. Children are never in cars for any reason.

What does tuition include?
Toddler & Preschool age:
Homemade, wholesome snacks and meals (2 snacks and a lunch), planned curriculum & activities, 2 hour blocks of country outdoor time, developmental assessments, progress reports as well as written reports sent home daily.

Specially planned curriculum to strengthen brain
development, motor skills and language. Tuition also includes formula and homemade baby foods.

Are you a licensed/Registered home?
No, we are "Listed."
What does "Listed" mean?
Our capacity, or number of children, is lower. We are able to care for 3 children. We are also not held to the same requirements as registered homes. We are not inspected, but we are regulated by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). Because we are listed, Licensing is aware we are caring for children and has background checks on all who live in home. 

Click to view daily schedule and activities!

What will my child's day look like?
(Click the link above to connect with our daily schedule)
We have a posted schedule which outlines our activities. These include active and rest periods, 2 snacks and lunch (menus are posted), outside and indoor time. All children have curriculum, or planned developmental activities; even babies! Parents will be sent home with a daily report which outlines your child's day including rest time, what they ate, and more...

How will I know what is happening during the day?
We send home daily reports and with permission, post pics of your child's day on our secured site. Our home is open to visit and you may call anytime as well. 
What is your enrollment policy?
Our limited openings tend to fill quickly. In the event your family wishes  to secure a spot in our care, please print out our handbook (see link on sidebar), fill out/sign and submit $125 (first weeks tuition)
Once a family has brought us these 2 things there are only a few minor forms to fill out. 
Are there animals at Aimee's Kid Ranch?
Yes. We have 2 dogs which are crate trained during business hours. We also have chickens and a turkey. Our farm animals enjoy a fenced in area on the backside of our property for everyone's convenience. Children can see our farm animals from the back windows, however we use a designated part of our property for activities when outside.


Aimee's Kid Ranch * 5445 N. FM 157 * Venus, TX * US * 76084 * 214 701-0410